pencil case, spiral small


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Product number: 6300
Manufacturer: korkie
Product information "pencil case, spiral small"

This case is suitable for a lot of pens or as a soft glasses case. It is a wonderful gift but also a very practical accessory for everyday wear. The case is closed with a zipper. Inside are a simple lining. The cork textures are a mix of diffrent natural cork textures, each pencil case are unique.


  • Dimension: ca. 24 x 5 x 4 cm   
  • Material: cork 


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cork pen, golden
an elegant ball pen with this gold-colored casing and a sheath of cork, case was jacketed made of cork

pencil case, spiral big
pencil case, made of cork, for pens and colored pencils or as a soft glasses case - a wonderful gift or a great accessory!