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We offer you a great collection campaign "Corks for Kork" of the Diakonie Kehl-Kork for cork recycling. 

Please join in the collection and make your fellow human beings aware of it! 

Collecting and recycling corks is a contribution to the preservation of a high-quality product of nature and a contribution to waste avoidance. 

Since 2014, Diakonie Kork no longer processes the corks itself, as the total amount of collected goods is declining. Nevertheless, the campaign is going. After the Diakonie sells the corks to a processing partner company of the company, the proceeds benefit the work with people with disabilities at the Diakonie Kork. No remuneration is paid to the collectors.

What happens to the collected corks?

First, the corks are sorted manually, i.e. any plastic stoppers they may contain are sorted out and sent for appropriate disposal. 

 The corks themselves are dedusted, crushed and ground and are used as a filler in the production of compressed cork - in rolls and panels - for sound and heat insulation.

What do you have to keep in mind when collecting?

Please collect only real corks! 

Through consistent separation, the corks do not end up in the rubbish, but are preserved and processed as a valuable material. 

Remaining pieces of cork flooring or other cork materials that have been bonded with glue, oil, varnish or paint cannot be collected. Baked cork cannot be used either. Cork rolls or cork boards can only be accepted if they are not coated, no gypsum or glue residues adhere to them, no chemicals are on the material  

You can hand in or send this material to us. We are also happy to point out over 3000 collection points in Germany. You can find more information at: or at 

Download collection list for Germany

Cork recycling raises awareness of the use of a natural resource!