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Everyone knows cork. Mostly as a bottle cap, flooring or pinboard.
The variety of products that can be made from this natural material amazes most customers.

Cork oak nature meadow

This is what happened to me when I was allowed to get to know cork better on a trip more than 3 decades ago. during a trip. I was enthusiastic about this unique material with ingenious properties, structures and possibilities. Curious, I quenched my thirst for knowledge about this natural product and decided to found a company. I looked for contacts, suppliers and partners. They supported me and taught me how to work with this special this special raw material. The foundation stone was laid and the cork studio began to work. to work. 

At first with cork floors and wall coverings in quite a large selection and some small things made of cork, because the variety compared to today was still quite small at that time. Over time, the accessories developed into a bestseller. I tried myself in that one or the other piece myself and went to customer requests. The fun grew and so a good assortment developed.

In order to have more time for the production, I decided to sell the products only on selected markets. markets to sell. For many years I am for example also dealer of the Striezelmarkt. The customers and the visitors of the respective events were open to the new material and a large customer base developed. My loyal clientele, by now spread far and wide in the country, could not always follow me to one of the markets. So I fulfilled requests and sent them by mail. In order to sell my products with the KORKIE brand and to make it more convenient for the customers, I opened, in the age of the Internet, an online store with the complete assortment.

Today I can proudly say that I carry the most extensive assortment of the natural product cork and have the appropriate knowledge about it. The constant exchange of experience with the partners in the countries of origin allows this.

Cork production nature boards
Korkie Team Market Stall

Since the foundation in 1992 the company has developed steadily and successfully. My customers appreciate the individual and competent advice, the customer-specific realization and the service. Fair and social interaction is also important to us. In the course of the time, more and more the ecological thought in the working life and thus also our products.

Sustainability is very important! We only have this one earth! Protect the forests - use CORK!

Korkie saleswomen team