cork flooring Nazare black


Price per 0.99 m²: €78.00 *
Content: 0.99 Quadratmeter

Available, delivery time: ca. 2-3 Tage

Allowed range: 1,98 m² to 99,99 m², step size: 1,98 m².
Product number: KB 03
Manufacturer: korkie
EAN: 38407133083
Product information "cork flooring Nazare black"

This cork flooring is an ideal modern floor covering. Cork is elastic, warm and easy. The high ground is supplied without surface treatment. So it can be processed well. For gluing on the ground, we recommend the cork glue Wakol and a cork varnish, this raises the structures again partly strongly forth.

  • Decor: Nazare schwarz
  • Panel Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 4 mm
  • Material: CORK pressed cork with natural cork veneers

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glue roller, 18 cm
Adhesive roll, 18 cm wide, microfiber roll with plug, for applying the cork adhesive especially on smooth surfaces

cork glue
Cork contact glue of WAKOL - on physical India rubber-base made, Freely of solvent, ideal for bonding cork of any kind


For this product we recommend

Cork lacquer
An easy-to-use varnish for sealing cork floors in high quality from Loba. Container size: 1 ltr., 5.0 ltr., 10.0 ltr.

Varnish rolls
This fine pile roller is specially designed for cork varnishes. Delivery is done with a plug!