Shipping terms

Shipping terms

Important Information:

The parcels are dispatched by the parcel service GLS or DHL.

You can get information about the companies by clicking on the logo. If you prefer a delivery service, please let us know at the end of your order.

Please make sure that the delivery address (house number, post number at packing station) is given correctly!

Please make sure that you will be able to receive the package. Use the delivery options of the delivery services, if necessary arrange a storage location or hire a neighbor.

If you are not found, your package will be deposited in a parcel shop. You can pick up your package there within 7 working days.

Attention: Returns of undeliverable parcels (incorrect address information, refusal, non-acceptance or non-collection, etc.) are an additional effort for everyone involved. These additional costs such as processing, storage, new shipping will be invoiced. This type of return does not constitute a withdrawal from the sales contract.

If you would like a specific delivery date, please let us know. We also try to fulfill such requests.

If you want to deliver to a country other than the one listed, please contact us by email.

Please understand that it is not possible to send letters. For the dispatch route, traceable documentation of the dispatch route is important (research and transport insurance).

Shipping days are Monday to Thursday, with the exception of bridges and public holidays. If the order is received by 10 a.m. on the respective shipping day, delivery takes place on the same, taking into account the payment option.

As you can safely see from the media over the past few months, everyone is talking about online trading, especially parcel services. Current challenges such as too few employees, increased tolls, increased fuel prices, and full roads are causing reliable parcel shipping to falter. In addition, the new Packaging Act will come into force on January 1st, 2019. This results in a recalculation of the shipping and packaging costs.

The calculation of the shipping costs is based on the shipping weight. This includes:

Transport costs, tolls, eco surcharge, registration for customs where necessary, service and license fees for the dual system, packaging material, working time, from 2021 delivery fee to private individuals and the statutory VAT.

The dispatch takes place in recyclable cardboard from a regional manufacturer. Your goods will be packaged securely and well so that they will survive the transport without causing too much rubbish. The tape is a paper tape and DHL and GLS transport the parcels climate-neutrally with the GoGreen program. We are thus also making an active contribution to climate protection here.