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Beeswax balm is a natural care product for products made of wood or agglomerated cork, protecting them against soiling and giving the surfaces a nice finish.


  • Usage: ca. 60 - 70 ml/m²; meaning 1 ltr lasts for roughly 15 m²
  • suitable for: wooden ceiling and floors, wood paneling, shelves and other furniture, cork and many more
  • The beeswax balm acts anti-static and offers protection against moisture and dirt. Used as a finish it gives the treated surfaces and well cared for look. The beeswax balm is also suitable to touch up wood protection varnishes as well as lusteress paints and polishes. Use either a cloth or a brush so it can be applied evenly thin. After roughly 15 - 30 minutes wipe off the excess wax in faber direction with a cloth. To achieve an extra sheen polish the surface again after about 3 to 4 hours. A second treatment as described gives the surface a rich finish.
  • Clean the tools with thinner.
  • Store the balm cool but frost free. Lasts up to 5 years if unopened. Seal opened balm airtight and use up quickly.
  • Ingredients: isoaliphate, beeswax, carnaubawax, candelillawax, micro wax


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