flower pot made of cork bark

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Flower pots from the cork bark are beautifully natural and always unique. Due to the growth and climatic influences can always come to color and structure variations. The mosses and lichens are original
Flower pots made of cork bark. It provides the optimum conditions for plant growth because of CORK. Please select from various sizes.
     absorbs moisture and releases it as needed again - no water

  •      is breathable, it does not rot
  •      insulates heat and cold, provides a constant climate
  •      suitable and Outdoor - for indoor summer and winter

You can use the pots also as a planter. Better is to plant directly in the pot (without foil). So can enjoy your plant of the cork benefits. Pour it with some water or even strongly (dive) regularly. Too much watering please run, for example, as in orchids.


  • Material: natural cork bark
  • Dimensional tolerance +/- 2 cm
  • Please choose from different sizes. Height x width (outside)



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