Cork to play ?! For example, we have a dice game of cork or a dartboard. Look for yourself

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dice game

Product no.: 7000

This game promises many exciting hours and is also a wonderful gift. It includes a dice tray, cork cup and 6 cubes in a wooden box.

23.00 *
In stock

dice plate

Product no.: 7001

... a dice tray, made of CORK, cork board with green felt lining - a MUST for every dice game!

15.50 *
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can be shipped within 10 days

dice box

Product no.: 7004

. . . Here are 6 cubes in a wooden box with lid for pushing - it can go nothing lost!. . .

6.00 *
In stock

dice game in cork stopper

Product no.: 7005

The smallest travel Craps is a wonderful little gift! Here are 5 small cubes are in the cork.

from 4.00 *

dice severally

Product no.: 7008

These are lightweight, easily playable dice. Made of beech wood. The surface was coated with protective varnish.

from 0.35 *

dice game

Product no.: 7006

A great dice game for young and old! Convenient size fits in any pocket. Let's start the game ...

6.50 *
In stock
can be shipped within 3-4 days


Product no.: 7009

checkers, made of cork with this fantastic game you can spend many happy hours while train logic and concentration.

29.50 *
In stock

cork dice 40 mm

Product no.: 7012

Blank dice - for your own self-produced games. The cube of CORK is wonderful in the hand and has an attractive appearance.

2.20 *

blocks of cork

Product no.: 7016

Blocks from CORK - so NATUALLY makes playing fun! Each child like these blocks and imagination has no limits ....

from 19.95 / set(s) *

cork rolled, self-adhesive

Product no.: 7120

This thin rolled Cork can be used perfectly to the craft. A self-adhesive coating is applied on the back.

from 16.50 *

cork magnetic animals

Product no.: 7014

Magnetic figures made of CORK, available in sets of 4: butterfly, teddy bear, elephant, hippo

5.50 / set(s) *
Old price 3.50 €
In stock

New playing cards case

Product no.: 7010

. . . A small handy pouch, made ​​of cork, for playing cards, Skat or Poker or the other playing cards

from 26.50 *

blocks for kids, single

Product no.: 7017

Of course, learning and playing with blocks from CORK! Here we offer you various geometric figures, please choose.

from 2.00 *

New pin board

Product no.: 7115

a corkboard at leisure, made of cork sheets 6 incl pin and pads, whether together or individually over each other - it is a nice decoration.

from 2.70 *

New baby tooth socket

Product no.: 6521

A case, made of pressed cork, with cover for storage of various things, such as jewelry, keys or even as a gift pack, ideal for baby theef

4.95 *
In stock
can be shipped within 3-4 days

New corkbox

Product no.: 6520

A case, made of pressed cork, with cover for storage of various things, such as jewelry, keys or even as a gift pack

9.50 *
In stock
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