About us

About us

When Mrs. Brigitte Grobe came across completely new cork processing options in 1992, looking for new patterns for her floor collection, she came up with a large number of products that can be made from this flexible and, above all, ecological material. "Industrial goods" such as coasters, etc. were purchased immediately. Likewise, the first cork (textile cork) - and just a year later she made herself and some companies in Germany and Portugal, the first models in the "Täschnerei" series. A little later it turned out that a silver jewelry company offered to process cork as a main element to jewelry. This resulted in a unique and successful collection that continues to grow in scope and variety.

Ms. Grobe opened a shop in Meiningen in 1992, selling not only these novel articles but also cork floor coverings and the associated tools, adhesives and paints. The shop soon became too small, so in 1996 she moved to a bigger one in the city center of Meiningen. During all this time many beautiful cork floors have been created in public and private households.
After a luxury refurbishment of the shopping street and conversion to the pedestrian precinct, the turnover in the shop collapsed; it had to be closed. So it happened that Brigitte Grobe relocated the sale of her goods to the marketplaces in Germany. So she is, among other things, to be found on the Striezelmarkt in Dresden as well as the onion market in Weimar.

Since 2010 there is this virtual shop!

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In planning is a sales room on site. At the moment the sale is possible with direct contact only to our market dates and of course around the clock in our online shop.